ISENC 2022

Europe’s leading sport & nutrition conference is back as a face-to-face event in Manchester

18th – 20th December 2022

Manchester Metropolitan University
99 Oxford Road
Manchester, M1 7EL, United Kingdom

About the Event

The conference program has two themes: Performance and Exercise & Health.

The world’s leading experts will give their insights into the effects of diet and exercise on health and performance.

Leading international speakers will present the latest evidence and encourage discussion and interaction.

The Conference is a high-level educational event, endorsed by BDA, SENr and AfN, for sports nutritionists, personal trainers, students and any professional interested in sports nutrition.

Delegates will gain greater knowledge and receive comprehensive tips, advice, and practical help from leading global experts.

Snippet of the Program

Plenary Symposia

Kevin Tipton’s Legacy: what do we know about protein needs for muscle function?

Speakers: Dr Ollie Witard (UK), Prof Luc van Loon (The Netherlands), Prof Stu Phillips (Canada), Beth Phillips (UK)
The Female Athlete

Testosterone, DSDs and the trans athlete in women’s sport 

Speaker: Prof Alun Williams (UK)
The Female Athlete

Physiology of the female athlete

Speaker: Dr Kirsty Elliott-Sale (UK)
The Female Athlete

Fuelling the female athlete: bridging the gap from recommendations to changing behaviour

Speaker: Prof James Morton (UK)
Plenary Lecture

What have we learned about energy balance in humans from doubly-labelled water studies?

Speaker: Prof John Speakman (China/UK)
Plenary Lecture

Exercise-nutrient interactions: Timing matters for health and performance

Speaker: Prof John Hawley (AUS)
Plenary Lecture

Overtraining Syndrome (OTS) and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED S): Shared Pathways, Symptoms and Complexities

Speaker: Dr Trent Stellingwerff (Canada)
Performance Theme

The fourth dimension: physiological resilience as a determinant of endurance performance

Speaker: Prof Andy M Jones (UK)

Meet the Speakers

Our bench of speakers includes some well-established and successful global experts in the industry.

Prof Ron Maughan

Chair of the Program Committee

Prof Craig Sale

Manchester Metropolitan University

Prof Louise Burke

Mary MacKillop Institute of Health Research at Australian Catholic University

Prof Graeme Close

Liverpool John Moores University

About the Venue

Manchester Metropolitan University is centrally located with great public transport routes.

Our Sponsors

It is not possible to host these events without the support of our sponsors. We have several sponsors who are integral in helping us physically and financially to make things happen.

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